• Smart pipe fitting

    Pure metal-to-metal pipe connection as the alternative to traditional pipe connection technologies.

  • Compact pipe installation system

    High level of installation safety and mobility for the installer.

  • Solution for several industry applications

    Unique flexibility in planning and execution of pipe installation projects for liquid and gaseous media.

Customer benefits


With the FIPE system, it takes less than two minutes to connect two pipes. Any time-consuming preparatory work or post inspections become unnecessary. Thereof, each single pipe connection results in a significant reduction of labour time for any installation project.


The FIPE system is plug-and-play. After linking the pipes, they will be pressed via remote control – no hot works, no wrench-acrobatics is needed. Working with the FIPE system poses no danger for the installer. Thanks to the innovative FIPE technology, a reproductive quality of each pipe connection will be guaranteed.


The FIPE installation equipment consists of two handy press tools and a compact battery driven hydraulic pump. This is all what is needed to install high-pressure pipes from 12.0 to 60.33 mm outer diameter. The whole installation equipment weighs less than 20 kg and is stowed in two portable bags.

How does it work?

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Lloyd’s Register
Type Approval Certificate
ISO 19921 Fire resistance test of pipeline components
Technical Center for Ships and Naval Weapons (WTD71)