Installation space

How much space around your pipes is required to fipe? Here is an overview.

Minimum installation space (mm) per press tool

Installation convenience

From narrow spaces to exposed conditions, the ease of installation is a direct benefit for the installer. Some connection technologies only require a wrench for on-site installation. These wrenches seem mobile at first glance. However, if we have a look at what is needed to connect pipes with larger diameters, the comparison of wrench to a FIPE press tool is impressive. The wrench exceeds the dimension of the press tool by far. Also, bigger pipe dimensions often need more than one installer to come up with enough force to turn the wrench. In this regard, the hydraulic installation equipment of the FIPE system comes in handy.

Equipment to connect 1 1/4″ pipes. Wrench (cutting ring) versus press tool (fipeing).