Dimensions 12.0 to 88.9 mm (1/4” to 3”) . The 4” and 5” FIPE connection is in development for a working pressure of 140 bar. Bigger dimensions are possible depending on the required working pressure.

– System design pressure: 140 bar excluding safety factor 4 (burst pressure: 560bar)
– Temperature range: -55°C to 300°C

Material: Duplex stainless steel, stainless steel, carbon steel
– Welded or seamless stainless steel pipes according to EN 10217-7 / EN 10216-5 or ASTM A312 / ASTM A269
– Carbon steel pipes according to: EN ISO 10217-1 / EN ISO 10216-1 / EN ISO 10305-1 to 4
– Pipe tolerances according to: EN ISO 1127 D3/T3 / EN 10220 / ASTM A269

Because FIPE fitting bodies are made of the same material as the pipe and the connection is purely metal-to-metal, there is no ageing process.

No. The FIPE fitting design is purely metallic.

Each FIPE tool covers more than one pipe dimension. Fipeing is a one-man operation. Because of our mobile installation equipment even the biggest connections can easily be fiped without your co-worker’s help.

FIPE offers a certified training program. Become a fiper in less than three hours: Please contact us.

It takes a few minutes to connect two pipes depending on the pipe diameter. You will find a detailed overview here.

3D- models and DWG-files are available. Please contact us.

A full recharge cycle takes 30 minutes.

A FIPE connection
– is purely metallic and therefore very durable.
– comes as all-in-one part and requires no site assembling.
– provides full bore.
– offers various different fitting types for any flow function.
– can handle length tolerance between fitting and pipe when installing.
– can be used for both ANSI and ISO dimensions (i.e. 42.0mm, 42.2mm and 42.4mm is ONE fitting).
– can be safely installed thanks to a visual check.

FIPE tools
– work very reliable.
– are more convenient to handle.
– are affordable.

Check out this blog entry covering the true costs of fipeing.

Choose your gear here. The rental prices are: 250€ / week per tool.

The standard fittings are on stock and can be shipped within two to three days. If the components are not on stock, production takes about four to five weeks.

Yes, we offer direct sales and worldwide support.

No. The body consists of the same material as the pipe. Thus fitting and pipe have the same thermal expansion coefficients.

Yes, but leakages are always due to insufficient pipe surface quality. A clean and smooth pipe surface is necessary to fipe. Standard off the shelf pipes usually do.

We suggest a maximum distance between fitting and bracket of 500 mm at static loads and 300 mm at vibratory loads.