The true cost of fipeing

Over 780’000 connections have been made by installers using the FIPE system all over the world. Time to look at some data gathered from their experience.

Installation process

There are only four steps to follow in processing a successful FIPE connection. Prepare the pipe and insert the fitting. Attach the press tool and swage the connection via remote control. Finally, check the quality of the connection visually.

  • Prepare

  • Insert

  • Press

  • Check

Installation time

In order to set a basis for comparisons, let’s have a look at straight connections of various pipe diameters. The total duration to install a FIPE fitting includes the four installation steps mentioned above plus setup and handling efforts.

How many fipeings before you hit break even?

Break even

Now here is the crucial question: How many fipeings before you hit break even using the FIPE system? Let’s say you are currently welding your pipe connections. However, the process times of welding vary quite a bit between applications and the experience of the welder of course. The values below are according to the ‘Basler Norm BN’, which is a widespread accepted standard for plant construction.

Let’s have a look at a one inch connection for example. If we take into account the FIPE equipment costs as well as fitting costs minus welding material costs and assume an hourly rate of your welding crew of 50 €, you will hit break even after 242 fipeings.