Imagine the simplest connection.

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Pressed in seconds. Simply genius.

With an approved working pressure of 140 bar up to a diameter of 88.9 mm, the FIPE system offers a beneficial alternative to traditional pipe connection technologies such as welding, flanging and flaring as well as cutting ring fittings.


With the FIPE system, it takes less time to connect two pipes than with any other pipe connection technology. Time-consuming preparatory work or post inspections become unnecessary. Therefore, each single pipe connection results in a significant cost reduction of your installation project.


Our system is plug-and-play. After linking the pipes, they will be pressed via remote control – no hot works, no wrench-acrobatics are needed. Thanks to the innovative FIPE technology, a consistent leak-proof quality of each pipe connection is guaranteed.


The installation equipment consists of handy press tools and a compact battery driven hydraulic pump. This is all what is needed to install high-pressure pipes. The whole installation equipment is stowed in portable bags and can be carried easily wherever you go.

Mega hospital Denmark
Water power plant Switzerland
Cruise liners Germany
Pumped-storage plant Switzerland